Sunday, August 26, 2007

You Were Pulled Away From The Ocean...

YES! It’s yet another installment of Molly’s Mix! I know you kids miss my tracks very much! I am the fire in your loins! Haha no? Well that’s alright. Here are some fabulous tunes to get you through this hectic week ahead! May you walk with a bounce in your step and a sparkle in your eye!

The Shins Australia (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)
As many may know, I in fact do not like The Shins. I am sure many of you will be proclaiming obscenities through your computer screens at me. Yeah well too bad, I don’t like them! BUT, this track is amazing. It is very Peter, Bjorn & John-ish; much like you’d expect.. I am pointing out the clearly obvious aren’t I? Well this track will have you so happy that you have me to tell/suggest fabulous tracks for your listening pleasure!

Feist 1234 (Van She Technologic Remix)
Yes it’s the track that you hear on FBI & JJJ all the time, AND the track featured in Ebay’s commercials. A clear choice for VS Tech for such a track to remix. This song is upbeat, and perhaps slightly flirtatious. I can’t help to think, however, that it is slightly out of date. The booming beats and bass driven undertones are slighty (shock horror) last season.

Rilo Kiley Silver Lining
This song is simply marvelous. The music is so subtle and comforting. I love sitting on the train to & from the CBD, looking out the window – listening to this track. The serene vocals and accompanying enchanting instrumental masterpieces are beautiful. MySpace seem to have their act together – I noticed Rilo Kiley as a featured artist on the main page! More & more people are becoming more and more music literate! I don’t know whether to rejoice or to cry!

New Buffalo Cheer Me Up, Thank You
Fiest’s pal, Sally Seltmann – has the most incredible voice, as you all must know. I actually used to think of her as boring, how dare I!! This track is an illustrious song to come home to, to sing to your lover or to sing to yourself. The pureness and elegance that connect seamlessly is very much a magnum opus! (I have always wanted to say ‘magnum opus’ – so transformers hahaha)



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