Friday, September 21, 2007

Blood Red Shoes

It's not every day I come across a band quite unique as UK two piece, Blood Red Shoes. Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell make the band and I must say, they can both play their instruments pretty damn finely (watch video below for proof). To be honest, I've only heard the one song, It's Getting Boring By The Sea, and I'm absolutely addicted. Over the years they have released several 7 inch records and numerous singles and as far as I know, they will be releasing an album on V2 in the near future if it hasn't already been released (correct me if I'm wrong). In the next few months or so, the band will be supporting the likes of Maximo Park and Biffy Clyro, plus performing a hell of a lot of their own shoes all over the UK and Europe. This post is merely a heads up, if these guys are aren't big already, they soon will be. Most addictive band around today.

Blood Red Shoes It's Getting Boring By The Sea

Watch the video for It's Getting Boring By The Sea


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