Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beach House

When I first heard Victoria Legrand melt her words into my skin in the opening track "Childhood" (Love you all the time / Even though you’re not mine), it struck a euphoric feeling throughout. Beach House only have one record out, but it is, in short, stunning. Someone could of listened to their album and surmise that it was an undiscovered gem from another time (I know I did) or make connections regarding similarities – Mazzy Star, The Zombies, Slowdive and perhaps a bit of Broadcast, but Beach House are entirely in their own category. They craft minimalist and serene dream pop with hefty amounts of fuzzy organs, woozy slide guitars and breathy, delicate vocals that weave throughout so seamlessly. The blankets of melancholy are balanced out with the relaxing calmness lingering over. The imagery connected to this album is pretty breathtaking. The record is a soft waltz; the sweet breeze on a dim day; the languidness of a sunset rising. Perfect.

Beach House’s self titled debut album is available now on Mistletone Records.

Beach House Saltwater
Beach House Master of None
Beach House Childhood

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