Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ewan Pearson

Ewan Pearson is a DJ and Producer. He has done remixes for the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Ladytron and Goldfrapp. He has also produced tracks for the Rapture, Ladytron, M83 and is currently working with Lost Valentinos. His style varies from trashy electroclash to epic spaced out disco.

Apart from his immaculate credentials as a producer he also knows his way around the turntables. One friend told me that his new years eve set at rocket bar was one of best he had ever heard. If his DJ compilation 01 is anything to go by this claim could well be true.Its a textured aural journey filled with synth arpeggios and sparse lyrics. Some of the tracks would probably be considered minimal or deep house while others are more difficult to classify like his remix of Feist's inside and out as well as Brazilian Girls' Don’t Stop.

Ladytron Evil (Ewan Pearson remix)
Feist Inside and Out (Ewan Pearson remix)

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