Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cajun Dance Party

Cajun Dance Party; the latest and greatest NME hyped up indie artist to hit the blocks. Fronted, by the Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat vocalist for those of you playing at home) look-a-like, Danny Blumberg these kids, barely out of their teens, are from the UK (of course) and have already accomplished so much in so little time. Firstly, their promo single The Next Untouchable secured them a minor label singing from Way Out West Records. Secondly, in the year they have been officially together they have played prestigious festivals such as Reeding, Leeds and of course Glastonbury and supported the likes of The Gossip. Now thirdly, they have just released their first single, Amylase, which has now resulted in the band being signed to major label XL Recordings (The White Stripes, M.I.A., Peaches, etc). Don't think Arctic Monkeys, don't think The Kooks, don't think any comparisons at all, Cajun Dance Party are in a league of their own. The future of these guys (and gal)is only looking good and one can only hope that their debut record, whenever that may be dropped upon us, will be as grand as everyone has hyped it up to be.

Cajun Dance Party The Next Untouchable
Cajun Dance Party Amylase

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