Monday, October 01, 2007

By The Fireside

By The Fireside is producer/musician Daniel Lea's musical outlet of magical meanderings. Turning away from his design career towards music with the love of early twentieth century blanc et noir cinema and interest in Americana folk.

His latest record, a concept album The Great Hartford Fire was inspired by the 1944 Hartford, Connecticut circus fire. Transforming tragedy into something eerily striking using vintage instruments in his studios, Golden Hum (where he's also produce for M. Craft, My Sad Captains, Light Speed Champion to name a few), bought from thrift stores and ebay as well as samples to resemble dreamy soundscapes, that of the circus atmosphere.

The first video for the record "Her Spirit Knows" is able to capture the image of the album, it also includes Daniel's father portraying a clown. The album The Great Hartford Fire is released in Australia early next year, January 2008 through Rogue Records.

By The Fireside Moon Lake
By The Fireside Battles That Add Up To None [EP]
By The Fireside Then Came Noon [EP]

Purchase The Great Hartford Fire and watch Her Spirit Knows

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