Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

The members of band A Sunny Day in Glasgow aren’t actually from Glasgow. As a matter of fact, they’re from Philadelphia, of the United States. The faux-Glaswegian siblings craft really dreamy, haunted pop music that when you listen to it, you'd think that it'd be perfect film music for a character’s epiphany or experience of catharsis. ASDIG is most certainly filed under the indie pop genre, but have a charmingly enigmatic quality about them which distinguishes them from fellow indie pop bands. Apart from exercising indie pop semantics, they make excellent use of electronic music – the ambient sounds, dance beats and the layering of constant rhythms which is truly sublime. The best quality about ASDIG is the nearly undecipherable, angelic lyrics courtesy of sisters Lauren and Robin. The music is amazing; like you’re suspended in animation. The feeling of when listening to one of their records is like touching colour. Some may think of the music as a disorienting, shapeless mass, but each track from their all records does differ and have their own sort of story. There’s a twang, or a small difference that makes it and differentiates each song to make it it's own story.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow Wake Up Pretty
A Sunny Day in Glasgow 5:15 Train
A Sunny Day in Glasgow The Best Summer Ever

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