Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Joan As Police Woman

Joan Wessar; the lady that is Joan As Police Woman has been quoted saying "beauty is the new punk rock" and I couldn't agree more. Joan's been around the block a few times now, having played in now-disbanded bands such as The Dambuilders, Black Beetle and Those Bastard Souls, as well as pitching a hand here and there, and taking a more quiet path, for artists so unique as Antony And The Johnsons and more evidently, Rufus Wainwright. Last year marked the release of her debut album, Real Life, which was loved by just about everyone who were fans of the aforementioned bands or hadn't even heard of Joan before. The album was diverse, there was no track that sounded like another. It's music that shimmers throughout your body, giving you chills. It's jazz, it's soulful, it's come from nowhere, it's familiar but yet unheard of. Put quite simply, it's a brilliant album. So, a year on after the release what does an artist do? You re-release it of course! Real Life now comes with a bonus 6 track CD that features songs from singles, EP's and a couple of rare ones.

Joan As Police Woman Eternal Flame
Joan As Police Woman Christobel
Joan As Police Woman Sweet Thing (David Bowie Cover)

Purchase Real Life and watch the video for Eternal Flame.


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