Saturday, October 06, 2007

Crystal Stilts

I've been looking forward to posting about this New York band, Crystal Stilts. There's something about them, it could be the fact that the drummer only uses the kick-drum, no cymbals, that's it or it could be that they are so gloomy but yet, so fun. Whatever the reason are, I can really see these guys being something. They bring familiar sounds of the post-punk era days and combine with that of surf-rock, but give it that indie edginess we've all come to love nowadays. There's not a lot more to say about the band, their myspace isn't helpful, they have no official website and from searching in google, their label Feathery Tongue doesn't even exist. These guys are a mystery, but a great mystery at that. Converging In The Quiet is such an excellent song, I really couldn't put it any other way. Their well worth checking out.

Crystal Stilts Converging In The Quiet
Crystal Stilts Crippled Croon
Crystal Stilts The Sinking


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