Monday, October 08, 2007

Birth Glow

Instead of Kelly Clarkson singing and tearing it away in lounge room whilst people are running away from her scared, you have Birth Glow playing the same song with furniture intact and people listening intently. I'm not saying Adelaide's Birth Glow, don't create much of a mess either, but when you have Ellen Carey (ex Jemima Jemima, and has also lent her voice to Sly Hats' Will You? on Liquorice Night), Nic Walton (Sweet Raxxx) and Stephanie Crase (No Through Road) together, it's almost as if they are experimenting a variety of absurd candy flavours, only to hear its wrappers making crackling noises and see reactions of facial expressions to the sweet or sour after-tastes. Coating the minimalism of Beat Happening and out-of-range boy/girl harmonies juxtaposed within an inconsistent clutter of rattling percussions, their sound reverberates through small spaces/warehouses/lounges/kitchens/whatever. Sounding half as finished as this post, this is Birth Glow.

Birth Glow Batman
Birth Glow Pathos Face

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