Monday, October 15, 2007

Die! Die! Die!

For kids who enjoy playing with fake blood, New Zealand 's punk trio Die! Die! Die!, they do it best at creating music to be short, fast and loud. With that, complexity of disorderly heavy rhythms and shrieking vocals which tingle from your neurons out to your toe hairs. Formed over just almost 4 years, the band have built solid foundation throughout New Zealand, Australia and the UK, playing an incredible amount of shows that has certainly done them well. Just having recently released their second full length album is Promises, Promises, it was recorded within 12 days and produced by Shayne Carter who had seen them at one of their SXSW shows earlier this year and decided to work with them after witnessing their persistence to perform with such energy despite guitarist/lead singer Andrew Wilson's injury of a broken hand and even whilst recording their 2005 debut album, he suffered with vocal strains. After all, there's no stopping this band!

The album Promises, Promises is already out in New Zealand, will be released sometime next month in Australia via Etch and Sketch and the rest of the world next year. For more taste test of the album and details about the promotional tour around Australia and New Zealand, check out their myspace page.

Die! Die! Die! Blue Skies
Die! Die! Die! Britomart Sunset

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