Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We're Catching Bullets In Our Teeth...

Hello all. Another lengthy absence from me. Again, duty calls with what is known to us as life – however, here is a lovely mixture of what I fill my existence with. The sounds that accompany the movements of my body through minutes, hours, days and weeks.

Liam Finn Second Chance
This boy has been causing a slight ruckus amongst forums and blogs. Whether being Neil Finn’s son is a blessing or a curse – is beside the point, despite past criticism. Finn’s Kiwi accent lingers through out various songs and you can hear that twang of Neil Finn in there in the undercurrent of beautiful music – however what do you expect, like father like son. In this case, we have a very talented and almost magical musician on our hands.

Shout Out Louds Tonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup Remix)
Now to get things a little more … uhh exciting? Here is a great track; you all know I love my remixes. The SOL’s always give me this ‘the cure’-esque feeling to them. The intensity of the vocals at some points are very Robert Smith-ish (2:48 mins) – to be precise! This song will keep you moving, I guarantee you – if it can have me running on the treadmill for ten minutes – I can’t imagine the future possibilities for all of you!

Scott Matthews Elusive
Back to another dreamy slow song that I can’t seem to stray away from. Such a great track, Elusive will have you just sitting still in the beauty of the subtle and simple sounds. This song requires no additional notes. Download, listen, and merely enjoy!

Tunng Bullets
Another UK artist, you’ll hear Tunng all over the airwaves these days, & why the hell not? This track is the second single from ‘Good Arrows’. Tunng play a mesmerising mix of folky acoustics and busy electronica, overlaying electronic crackles, gorgeous harmonies, bewitching mantras and synthetic beats.

The Panics Don’t Fight It
A few days ago I purchased Aussie band, ‘The Panics’, latest album; Cruel Guards – and what the album! It came as a double CD set, with the second CD, ‘Join the Dots’, compiled of 5 tracks of cover songs. Covers include ‘Just Like a Woman’, a great track from Bob Dylan and a few other treasures. This song, however is their first single from the album, again you might hear this little jewel floating amongst the airwaves!

Black Kids I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
Ok so I have gone all AWOL and decided to give you a whole bunch of tracks to keep you moving through the rest of the week! I know which tracks to give you – based on the response my body gives while listening to them at the gym. This song is a sure hit with my muscles! A slinky, sleek and almost amusing track to talk with, dream with, or to even get on the cross-trainer with!

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of my fabulous – or not so fabulous – mix! I have mashed this one up a little bit with ups & downs and arounds! Right, that doesn’t make sense but what the hell. A mix to match the weather, a girls mood, or even how a day can be so bad, but then oh so good!


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