Monday, November 12, 2007

Pants Yell!

One of the things that make my day is a sweet new record, very much so like Pants Yell!'s fourth and latest album, Alison Statton. It cries out young love turning cold but nevertheless introduces the band to a new uplifting and confident craft work of trumpets and saxophones along with their established luxuriant melancholy appeal. It's entirely charming, enjoyable and subtle indie pop with a few kicks. For me, its the lyrics that provoke some intrigue when I first heard Pants Yell! a few years back, it brought a little grin, giddy with glee. Alison Statton, is no more than bringing that feeling back into life of chasing and popping fly away bubbles. Don't miss it, it drops shelves December 4. I'm also happy to announce that the folks at Popfrenzy label have just signed the band and will release the album in Australia and New Zealand early February in 2008.

Pants Yell! Magenta And Green
Pants Yell! Alison Statton
Pants Yell! Shoreham Kent

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