Tuesday, November 06, 2007


You have to hand it too these guys, they really know how to mess with their fans minds. Since the release of their debut album we have seen the band evolve from being a funk punk masterpiece, to freak-folk missionaries, to story tellers (their last album Drum's Not Dead was based on two made-up mythological characters named Mt Heart Attack and Drum), to now becoming this frantic white noise avant garde irresistible band. With every release, they lose fans but also gain a whole new audience. I jumped on board with these guys pretty much immediately after hearing their aforementioned album, Drum's Not Dead, and with their newly released self-titled album there was much anticipation. With the band's fourth album their not afraid of letting their influences show throughout their songs. Lead single, Plaster Casts Of Everything, is just a reworked Stooges Raw Power era song that sounds like it was produced by a man with no hands. It seems with every release lead vocalist, Andrew Angus, is losing his voice more and more, but still managing to get this quiet falsetto that makes you quiver. Stand-out track has to be the garage-shuffle meets Klaxon's Nu Rave sounding Houseclouds, it's something that everyone can lap up and it's something completely them, but sounds familiar. The most enjoyable and pleasing thing about this record is that, although it was released just after a year of Drum's Not Dead, it doesn't sound hurried or just something they've pulled out from their backsides. I don't know what the world of music would be like without this band's existence.

Liars Plaster Casts Of Everything
Liars Houseclouds
Liars Freak Out

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