Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Devendra Banhart

I think I have come to a conclusion that Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon is possibly Devendra Banhart's best release to date. It's musically and lyrically eye opening and it shows a huge growth maturely to the way Devendra looks at life. The ever continuous of genre experimenting is always a highlight when listening to a Devendra record and Smokey... is no exception. There's an extremely contagious somba piece (Samba Vexillographica), a flirtatious reggae gem (The Other Woman), reoccurring spanish beats (mainly Carmencita), and an absolute semi prop-rock masterpiece (Seahorse). As well as his infatuation with indulging into other genre's, there's always the acoustic folk familiarity still in existence. Devendra's vocals as a whole are ever evolving and it seems with each release he puts a new spin to what he is capable of reaching and the whaling and emotion behind his voice this time around is captivating and infectious. I think it's safe to say that without Devendra Banhart's existence, their would not be this revolutionary freak folk extravaganza and we'd be stuck with the painfully slow evolving indie rock.

Devendra Banhart Seahorse
Devendra Banhart So Long Old Bean
Devendra Banhart Saved

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