Saturday, November 24, 2007


When I first encountered the word 'Metronomy' I came up with many absurd and awkwardly devious connotations – the Citroën robot car breakdancing ad (or at least I think it was Citroën), robots actually doing the robot dance, the sound of a clock and a scene from a Spiderman cartoon. But they don’t actually mean or having relation to Metronomy. Metronomy is the brainchild of Joseph Mount. In between the dissolution of bands he played drums for, Mount started to create electrical arrangements and soon after, Oscar Cash and Gabriel Stebbing were integrated into Metronomy after being his back up band, The Food Groups, for a while. Metronomy fits into a little niche of music – an amazing cacophony of bleeps, highly addictive bass lines and oddly danceable beats. From time to time, there are subtle hooks which make it even more awesome. I see some of Goldfrapp’s aesthetic thrown in there somewhere, as well. Metronomy are currently rocking the UK with the likes of Bloc Party, CSS and Justice. They are definitely a band to look out for in the forthcoming years. It also makes me wants to dance like either a robot, or someone who has consumed too much sugar. I mean, wouldn’t you like to see someone dance like that? I would.

Metronomy You Could Easily Have Me
Metronomy Trick or Treatz
Metronomy 1 String Strung

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