Friday, January 25, 2008

Say Goodbye To That Little Tree Boy.

So, with Sandra's big Summer-break comeback post creating havoc internet wide, I thought it might be time for me to join in on the fun. Having had, I think, a well deserved break from anything internet related, it was now a good time (considering I'm back at school next week) to get back in the swing of things as a whole new swag of releases are beginning to pop up and tickle my fancy. Let's begin shall we.

Welcome to Dev Hynes (Test Icicles fame) latest project, Lightspeed Champion. Dev has been at this undertaking for some time and it's only now, with the release of his debut album 'Falling Off The Lavender Bridge', that his getting the well deserved attention he very much deserves. Taking a complete different path to that of his last band, Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion has dropped some tunes of wit and emotion filled folk. This puts a smile on my face with every listen and no doubting it would with you too.

Lightspeed Champion Tell Me What It's Worth
Lightspeed Champion Dry Lips

Blood Red Shoes are back in the limelight once again, but with them this time a debut album. The album, titled 'Box Of Secrets', isn't due to next month (February 6th to be exact), but I couldn't help myself with these guys. The duo have produced an absolute stunner of gritty modern era rock and roll, with sweet but dirty vocals coming from one Laura-Mary Carter.

Blood Red Shoes It Doesn't Matter Much
Blood Red Shoes ADHD
Blood Red Shoes Forgive Nothing
Blood Red Shoes You Bring Me Down

This band I have followed from the very beginning and now with their fourth release, I think they've finally reached a place their comfortable at. I am talking of course about The Mars Volta, a band that's not afraid to push the boundaries and continuously do so with each release. 'The Bedlam In Goliath' is a far more aggressive and right in your face masterpiece that exceeds far past anyone's expectations.

The Mars Volta Goliath
The Mars Volta Wax Simulacra
The Mars Volta Cavalettas

Jason Collett is a real quiet achiever, his music is simple, but intelligently written and performed, with veins of early Neil Young mixed with the modern day Dylan. Jason's new album, 'Here's To Being Here', is a well spaced album with familiar likings and tunes of delight that'll even bring the most snobbish towards this genre coming back for more.

Jason Collett Roll On Oblivion
Jason Collett Somehow
Jason Collett Through The Nights These Days
Jason Collett Out Of Time

Hot Chip had a lot of pressure on their shoulders after their well-acclaimed and everybody favorite album, 'The Warning', and I think now with their next release just around the corner their going to once again stun critics worldwide. 'In The Dark' is something we really couldn't expect more from these guys, it's brilliant in every way shape or form. It craves repeated listens and is completely mind-bending.

Hot Chip Out At The Picture
Hot Chip Ready For The Floor
Hot Chip Touch Too Much

Black Mountain have risen right up there as one of my favorite artist. After being introduced to their debut way too late, I was quick to grab a hold of a leaked version (I know, naughty) of their latest album 'In The Future' a couple of months back. I have to say right now, this album is going to be huge, just absolutely huge. It's going to put these guys a place that they've never been before and it's going to blow minds everywhere. Bridging together influences from all directions, this is an absolute sublime record.

Black Mountain Tyrants
Black Mountain Queens Will Play

I do know why people say this, but apparently if you like of Montreal well then you must like Xiu Xiu. With me, that's not that case at all. To be honest, of Montreal scare me whereas Xiu Xiu (for some reason) don't. Now back with, soon, with their new release 'Women As Lovers' this duo are going to further confuse their listeners with their experimental pop. Hands up, who didn't see the cover of 'Under Pressure' coming? Seriously, that came from no where, but a damn fine cover it is indeed.

Xiu Xiu I Do What I Want When I Want
Xiu Xiu Under Pressure (feat. Michael Gira)

There's something about Cat Power that makes me keep coming back. With every release she's maturing and it's noticable, and to some people that seems to be a real put off and I can see why, but there's just too much to love about Chan that makes me want to stay. With 'Jukebox' now out an about and creating mix raves, Cat Power is back to dominant the music world and turn heads once again.

Cat Power Silver Stallion
Cat Power Aretha, Sing Be In
Cat Power Blue

I think everyone's favorite EP of last year was delivered by latest blog favorites Beach House, and now, having been quiet for the last half of 2007, are about to drop their debut album 'Devotion'. It's very much what you might come to suspect of the band, but you really can't dismiss this record, it's something quite spectacular and worth indulging into. There's a lot of hype surrounding the band at the moment and I think they have released something that will exceed expectations.

Beach House Gila
Beach House D.A.R.L.I.N.G.

Probably the most talked about British band of 2007, Los Campesinos! are releasing their debut release and boy are they going to make a big impression with it. A lot of people have already become familiar with half the tracklisting through previous single releases, but a majority of the new tunes featured are seriously going to put a big fat smile on all those indie-pop fans out there, I know it did on mine.

Los Campesinos! Knee Deep At ATP
Los Campesinos! Drop It Doe Eyes
Los Campesinos! Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks


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