Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Black Keys

I know here at Off The Record we do like to keep our main focus on up-and-coming artists, but I think once in a while it's ok to take a trip back to veteran band (of this modern era anyway), and who better than The Black Keys. I've been a fan of the band now ever since the 'Thickfreakness' days, but I don't think I became a real solid hardcore fan up until my ears first took in the band's break-in single '10AM Automatic', which of course appeared on the critically acclaimed album, 'Rubber Factory'. It's now many years later and The Black Keys have returned with their fifth album, 'Attack And Release'. I think by now everyone knows the back-story to this release and how Dangermouse became involved, but god he didn't just have a minor involvement in this project. Dangermouse managed to transform the band without actually transforming them at all, if that makes sense at all. The whole album is covered with the familiar soundings of the band, but there are inklings just here and there that signify the groups eagerness to explore their abilities and play at a whole new level, which is absolutely brilliant to listen too. First single, 'Strange Times', is a gem of a song and probably the most upbeat the band has been in their career. There are plenty of stunning tracks to choose from in this release, and if anything, 'Attack And Release' further establishes the band has one of the most unique garage-rock bands around.

The Black Keys Strange Times
The Black Keys I Got Mine

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