Friday, April 11, 2008

The Mess Hall

I recently had the enjoyable pleasure of witnessing one of Australia's finest two piece act, The Mess Hall, for the first time in action on stage a few nights ago. I have to admit I went into the show without a lot of expectations for the band, mainly because I was more excited about catching their support act (and one of my favorite bands), The Scare, but that's moving off topic now. They surprised me, they really had me from start to finish, opening up with with possibly the best opening track known to mankind, 'Diddley', and closing with 'Disco 2'. Watching the band in full flight was amazing, with Cec Condon going hammer and tongs at his drum-kit and Jed Kurzel swaying and moving about with the music, and just going off into his own little world, it was really something that has to be witnessed. I think what made the show that little more enjoyable was the fact that there was maybe 20 or 30 people there, and it gave me the opportunity to meet and greet all the bands who were playing and see some familiar faces.

I think The Mess Hall really had me from the very beginning of their career. I remember hearing 'Lock And Load' for the first time and absolutely loving that (and still do). It was then their debut album, 'Notes From The Ceiling', that was just the sealer. It did everything for me, and I'm a real sucker for a good drummer, and the beats they manage to wangle within their music has me incredibly jealous. Last years follow up release, 'Devils Elbow', saw the band rack up awards, win over new fans, and prove that their definitely not going to stick to the one sound. The band are still on tour supporting their new single 'The Pulse' and have a handful of dates remaining for that. Those who are seeing the Foo Fighters at the end of the month will gain an extra treat, for The Mess Hall will be supporting on all dates.

The Mess Hall The Pulse
The Mess Hall Diddley
The Mess Hall Pills

Purchase 'Notes From A Ceiling' and/or 'Devil's Elbow' and watch the video for 'The Pulse'


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