Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Horse

Firstly, yes the band's name is in fact An Horse, and I am well aware of the frustrations behind the name and when you try to pronounce it out loud, believe me. But that aside this Brisbane duo have been creating quite a stir at the moment, from what I've witnessed anyway. They seem to have just literally come out of nowhere and within a short period of time have people talking around the world. This of course is from the help of American sister duo Tegan And Sara and their generosity of giving the band the support slot as the girls tour America. An Horse are most definitely something unique, comparing to other Australian acts that is. Their sound is exuberant, out of place, but delivered incredibly well. There are hints of familiarities within various songs on the band's debut EP, 'Not Really Scared', with influences ranging from Sleater-Kinney to Rilo Kiley, and even Australian long-time running acts like Magic Dirt and Something For Kate shining through here and there. This doesn't make the listening to the band less enjoyable, it actually turns it into curiosity for the strides they take in getting their sound is something to envy. They blend everything really well and they resurrect the old grunge sound to much delight. This is a band well worth keeping an eye on because there's no doubting that they will only continue to rise.

An Horse Postcards
An Horse Scared As Fuck

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