Saturday, May 31, 2008

They'll Suck You Dry Until You Bleed.

Please do not assume the length or the manner of this post reflects the purpose or the brilliance of the artists mentioned. If anything, the collection of these songs I am sharing with you, dear readers, are the most beautiful, creative, and amazing songs that make you think "wow.. music can make everything alright". You know when you get that tingly feeling that doesn't subside until you have listened to the track, about .. 50 times? Well I know these tracks do it for me.

These songs leave me speechless, please also check out the artist's websites for info. Enjoy.

The Last Thing You Need

Clatter Clatter
Just To Say

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson

Isaac De Heer
Visiting Hours

You little ones in Melbourne are most certainly lucky, you can catch Isaac de Heer, tomorrow, and on the 18th June;

1st June Edinburgh Castle: Brunswick, Melbourne
18th June 'The Spot': Brunswick, Melbourne


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