Sunday, May 25, 2008


Apart from Japan, I didn’t really cultivate an active interest in what the continent of Asia had to offer, in terms of music, up until only recently. I feel like such a fool for admitting that because I’ve been missing out on a lot of absolute gems. One of these diamonds happens to be Peppertones – a Korean duo who have been rocking it since 2004. Upon first listen to their debut album Colourful Express, I instantly relived old travelling memories of Disneyland. It’s all carefree lightheartedness with occasional shifts to sparks of orchestral enlightenment. It's like Tullycraft and of Montreal had a love child – cute and cheerful electro pop where the optimism never stops to rest. The amount of sanguinity that Peppertones create is pretty hefty - it is perplexing and it incites a rather large amount of curiosity. I would think that this much happiness in a record would obviously veer onto the road of perpetual irritation but I’m always, unabashedly, ready to accept it - it’s an instant pick me up that stays affable. Their new LP New Standard, is out now on Lo-Fi Cavare Sound.

Peppertones Ready, Get Set, Go! [Radio Edit] (Feat. Deb)
Peppertones Ready, Get Set, Go! [Full Version] (Feat. Deb)
Peppertones Heavy Sun Heavy Moon
Peppertones Superfantastic (Feat. Westwind)
Peppertones Bike (Feat. Westwind)

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