Sunday, May 11, 2008

Molly's Tracks

What…? Is it 10PM on a Saturday night? Why yes it is. And I, Molly Frances Blain, am home. Maybe I am just a grumpy ol’ woman (I'm only 20! Haha). I just find going out these days to be a total let down. I don’t even begin with hopes to crash. Rather end with an early cab ride home with frivolous conversation with the cab driver. They are always so friendly. "Left here please, right here thank you". You’d be surprised how many cab drivers DON’T have GPS Navigational Systems.

Yes I am blabbering. Sorry, sorry. I will stop now.. Or not. I may insert absolutely hilarious commentary every now and then.

As you may have realised I have not posted in a while. Yes, I slap my hand for you. Naughty Molly. However I do have a bunch of tracks that I KNOW you will love. Today I have found some great tracks in the midst of procrastinating from university projects, studies, yadda yadda. It kept my day moving (however this leather jacket I found today was another ingredient in my ploughing forward through my academic studies, strange huh?).

Gnarls Barkley Going On
Alright, so as you may have noticed I am not one who will say “_____ is releasing their debut album late May”. I’m not one for informative, uhh information? I may do a little search-er-oo occasionally for the pleasure of my readers – not today, not tonight. This track has been doing the rounds on the blogs worldwide. I am not AT ALL a past Gnarls Barkley fan. This song has made me think otherwise. I very much look forward to hearing the album. From what I’ve heard you can actually listen to the FULL-LENGTH album on Barkley’s MySpace. Guess what fool, it’s BACKWARDS. Haha.

Primary One
Hold Me Down (Shoes Remix)
So this track has been flogged across FBi, and I am sure a few of you have heard it. Despite the almost “saturation of the market” (a marketing term, I am applying my university knowledge into this post, wow), I am still going to share it with you all. It’s an upbeat track that will enable some foot tapping, head bopping movements. Again, a good Gym Playlist track. It gets you going, and KEEPS you going.

Patrick Watson Drifters
Ok, we are going to slow it down ladies and gentlemen. This track is simply orchestrated in harmony with itself, and the lyrics. I received Watson’s album “Close To Paradise”, and instantly fell in love with this track, and “Luscious Life”. The build up in presence and tempo really allows for a powerful song, paired with such a subtle and comforting voice – it really is special. The only thing bad about this song, I can think of; is that I have listened to it far too many times. Those little parts in the track get me every time, right at 3:00 minutes – the effect of his voice through a distorted, almost megaphone like contraption. Purely superb!

The Notwist Boneless
I just found this track, within about 30 minutes. I have heard it floating about, yet now I have my little hands … Well, ears, on it. It’s rawness and honesty really allows for the friendliness twanged with sadness to flow through. The traditional instruments of percussion are intertwined with more electronic and technical insertions, which rid this track of any predictability. Pity it only goes for 2:55 minutes.

Bad Veins Fake Baby
This track is amazing. It’s so great, and much like FBi’s Dan Zilber explained, this is definitely going to be seen in some episode of Grey’s Anatomy, or perhaps even home-grown Underbelly (wait that’s over.. right?). This song is so wonderful. “I know you would run away with me, you know you can count on me completely. No matter how.. I got you fake baby”. Not much into analysing lyrics too much, nor am I going to start now, however this track really is so almost painfully slow, but this simply adds to the intensity of the tracks. Do enjoy!

Also just a quick note: Check out this Website. It’s amazing, it’s basically an online record label (as the name suggests!), with a whole bunch of great artists: RCRDLBL.COM. Some of the tracks I have posted actually direct you to this website, a few tracks I have myself are from this website – I don’t like to re-host them on my own accord, given it’s their handywork that enabled me to have them!

Until next time...

P.S. Scarlet Johansson’s Tom Waits’ covers aren’t too bad. A little dry and sad, but perhaps she’s channelling Tom Waits?


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