Friday, July 11, 2008

'Mercury' by Bloc Party

I've been away from a computer for last week or so, and to come back from a long disappearance to discover Bloc Party are somewhat back with a brand new single which had me a little gob smacked. I'll come out and say it now, I'm not much of a fan of these guys but in saying that I do own both albums, have seen them live, and on odd occasions maybe found humming, whistling, or in fact singing one of their songs. It's weird relationship I have them; I guess their a guilty pleasure perhaps? Whatever, this is starting to head off track. Mercury is the name of the new single, and it looks like it will be hitting shelves mid-August. From all accounts so far this track has received a lot of mixed reviews, some calling it the worst thing they have ever produced, others calling it masterpiece, and a few claiming it to be a nice step forward in the right direction. I myself would have to agree with the last comment; it is a nice step forward. It's nothing too out there, and still has that signature Bloc Party feel about it. They've stuck to their routine with exuberant instrumentation, catchyness, and the memorable hook. Let me put it harshly, the new Bloc Party is ten times better than that new side-band the guitarist (whose name has completely escaped me) has going.

Bloc Party Mercury


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