Monday, July 21, 2008

Children Collide

So, Children Collide are back. And what does this mean? It means right about now I'm pretty much frozen in excitement over what my ears have been witnessing on repeat for the last half an hour. There are multiple reasons as to why I love this band. I completely ignore the fact that people seem to jump on their bandwagon then off again (seriously kids, make up your mind), their as cool as cool comes, their unbelievable live (I don't think I have copped so much of an ear bashing as I have at their concerts), and on top of all this they have a catalogue of music that's exceeds so much past amazing that it's bewildering. The guys can't put a foot wrong in my books, and with their latest single 'Social Currency' being premiered on their Myspace and already clogging up the play count, I don't think they can do wrong with anyone else either. Hopefully people wont forget about these guys now. On top of all this excitement behind a new single, and an album hopefully in the not to distant future, how can one band possibly do better? A tour with the Hoodoo Gurus of course (it's so obvious!). For tour dates check the band's Myspace, below is the single and a b-side to enjoy.

Children Collide Social Currency
Children Collide Hail Good Fellow


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