Monday, September 01, 2008

High Places

High Places come across as a fragile duo - very innocent looking - that have a low-key energy similar to His Name Is Alive and YACHT but consist of this experimentation within in their music that would make even David Londstreth (Dirty Projectors fame) extremely jealous. One of my favorite labels, Mistletone Records, has quickly snapped this band up and are just about to release an album of recordings done early this year entitled (plainly, but effectively) 03/07-09/07. This album shows High Places at their finest, and probably their most experimental. It couldn't be a better warm-up release for their debut album which will arrive hopefully in the coming months. It sounds like something Noah Lennox could conjure up if he had the helping hand of soothing female vocalist. Their's sing-a-longs, gadgets of all sorts and a musical tone to love. High Places could very be one of my discoveries of the year.

High Places Head Spins (Extended Version)
High Places Shared Islands
High Places The Modern Things (Björk Cover)

Purchase 03/07-09/07.


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