Monday, August 07, 2006

Let Me Introduce My Friends

One of my latest picks is the band I'm From Barcelona with their album "Let Me Introduce My Friends" which was released in June this year. The band has 28 or 29 members (depending on whether I can count or not properly) and they're from Sweden. Lead by Emanuel Lundgren (who I see a similarity to Ron Burgundy played by Will Ferrel in the movie Anchorman) who does the main vocals and writes the songs. It originally started in his apartment with friends and instruments such as banjos, accordians and kazoos then later turned into a homemade EP. They make fun music and you'll love them if you like Kite Flying Society, The Boy Least Likely To or Belle And Sebastian (with a large harmonic choir singing behind) or other Swedish bands such as Acid House Kings or Sambassadeur. Check out their CD.

I'm From Barcelona We're From Barcelona

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By: Sandra


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