Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

I'm excited for many things. One of them is always new albums to be released, another thing is seeing my favourite acts live. But one thing I'm not, is being busy.

The Mint Chicks are coming up with another LP titled "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" due out on August 28th. Their style of music is just wild but very well put together which makes me appreciate them so much. The album will be their second full length album. These guys will be touring very soon after the release, in particularly around New Zealand and Australia, but don't despair I'm sure there will be some international dates soon. If you ever get the chance, do take the time to see them. They will knock you off...literally as they did last month whilst supporting Yeah Yeah Yeahs in New Zealand. Their music was so loud, bits and pieces of the ceiling started to crumble down. The first song to be featured on their new album will be "Welcome To Nowhere" which has many concepts same as on the last album "F**k The Golden Youth". I just can't get enough of them. Join in.

The Mint Chicks She's Back On Crack
The Mint Chicks Welcome To Nowhere

Matthew Friedberger, the other half of The Fiery Furnaces has started working on his solo project. Not one album but two. "Winter Women" features more to the side of pop and "Holy Ghost Language" which displays more of the noise side, both are very different to one another but sample very similar to his work with The Fiery Furnaces. The 2 disc album will be released next Tuesday on the 8th of August through 859 Recordings.

Matthew Friedberger The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter
Matthew Friedberger Do You Like Blondes?

Emily Haines
, singer of Metric, part time of Broken Social Scene and soloist has been working three years on a record "Kinves Don't Have Your Back" due 29th September. It comprises 11 tracks of piano driven rock with her touch of soft melancholy voice. Compared to her first work with the 1996 record "Cut In Half And Double", her music has grown in many ways to come to what it is now.

Emily Haines The Lottery
Emily Haines Our Hell

I will be attending The Strokes sold out show tomorrow night at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney.
Will come back with some sort of review when I return and perhaps some photos if they are good enough.

By: Sandra


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