Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cut Copy

Theres not many electronic bands i listen to these days (except for the older bands like Kraftwerk and New Order), but Cut Copy seems to do something for me. I mean they don't do anything thats really "new" or "different", but they've sucked me in somehow and i haven't been able to get their Saturdays song out of my head. Earlier in the year i did have a go at this band saying "they were the worst band by far at the Big Day Out" but now that i think back to it, they weren't entirely bad.

Cut Copy Saturdays

By: James

In other news, Off The Record has now reached past 20,000 hits! This is absolutely incredible, i'm so happy to see people are taking their time out from their other personal stuff (although they're most likely on Myspace...not that theres anything wrong with that!) and checking out Off The Record, I hope these sorts of visits continue to happen in the future and i'll make sure to keep posting the best music i can find (Leona and Jacq too). Who knows maybe in the future Off The Record might be up there with best blogs around. Thank you guys and gals!


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