Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Antsy Pants

Antsy PantsFix your eyes on the image aside. I love Kimya Dawson for her lyrical work and quirkiness. It's what makes her music fun. The Moldy Peaches have been a favourite of mine for quite some time and now I have found a new love: Antsy Pants. Kimya has started a band with her hero Leo, a 13 year old french boy singing along with his ukulele. Leo along with Billy Jet Pilot, Angelo Spencer and Ben Lupus from Antsy Pants are also in the band Bear Creek. Antsy Pants seem to have made themselves the all star band teaming also with some American friends Jarrod and Emily from The Solvents, Jane Kidder and Howard Hughes. Sure the Antsy Pants songs are kind of short but it only adds up to the amount of fun that their music bring. They have a CD that you can order through plan-it-x records.

Antsy Pants Vampire
Antsy Pants Amazing Kids Do Amazing Shit
Antsy Pants Sometimes I Dream
Antsy Pants Big City

By: Sandra


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