Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kite Flying Society

I've enjoyed these guys for quite some time over the past 3 months. Kite Flying Society are a five piece (despite the image on the right) band from San Diego, California. They orginally began with just two friends with an equipped computer and plenty of synth software. Kite Flying Society will make you remember what summer is really like in love. Perhaps clap your hands, dance or just daydream while looking at the sky for no absoulate reason. Don't get confused though, there are two bands with this name, the other are a screamo band which really contrasts between the band I'm reviewing. They sound like bits and pieces of Sufjan Stevens, (less twee) The Boy Least Likely To and Oh No! Oh My! I'm ecstatic to hear they have an album releasing soon on July 28th which is about two weeks away from today called "Where Is The Glow?" At the moment they are having presale of the album up until the actual release which they will throw in a bonus 3 track CD. Expect big things.

Kite Flying Society Groundflower
Kite Flying Society Love And Seagulls

By: Sandra


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