Friday, July 14, 2006

Mistake In Time?

You may know them as Howling Bells, but it was first Waikiki who started it all in 2000. Front woman Juanita Stein could just simply forget about her previous work saying "I didn't believe in what I was doing". After a discussion with her bandmates, it was either to stay as the troubled band or steer into a complete different direction. Four years later the band moved to London then to return back to Australia two years later as Howling Bells. Waikiki are much softer and more to the side of indie pop singalong, mellow and sort of dreamy shoegaze. Their album "I'm Already Home" hit on a large scale in Australia, from releasing singles such as "Here Comes September" and "New Technology". One of their biggest influences is Mazzy Star in which similarities do appear. I prefer Waikiki more than Howling Bells (it's probably just me because I've listened to Waikiki much longer or maybe I do actually like them more) but both are just as great if you're a fan of great female vocals. Ben Lee also worked with Waikiki with the song "Complicated" featured on the album "I'm Already Home".

Waikiki Here Comes September
Waikiki Morning Light
Waikiki Waves

By: Sandra


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