Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Young Knives

The Young Knives are one of the fresh batch of bands coming from the UK at the moment, wearing their thrifted suits. Lead singer Henry Dartnall sings out ridiculous lyrics "Who are these people? They are too stupid to be your real parents!" from their latest single She's Attracted To, couldn't be more honest and blunt. Or you have have heard Weekends And Bleakdays with "Hot summer! What a bummer! Me, oh my!" They sound like a mix between The Futureheads, Supergrass and The Rakes it's no wander they've also supported for those bands as well. I'd describe them more a bit like Art Brut in terms of their song writing style. The Young Knives have been highly applauded for their live performances. So if you're in the UK right now, check out these guys in the upcoming summer festivals. Or if you're not, stay in tune for the new album Voices Of Animals And Men, released on August 21st. Here are some tracks from their upcoming album.

The Young Knives She's Attracted To
The Young Knives Another Hollow Line
The Young Knives Here's The Rumour Mill

By: Sandra


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