Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trying Your Luck

Courtesy of Josephine HidajatIf you've seen The Strokes before you know how incredible they are live. There were just that, at the sold out show last night. The fans were imensly ecstatic all throughout the night. People waited impatiently for The Strokes to come on stage, chanting out "Strokes! Strokes! Strokes! Strokes"!

The band Mercy Arms opened up for them, a local band from Sydney, their set seemed slightly short. Sounds a bit like Starky. Originally the support band was going to be The Rakes but they pulled out a few weeks earlier. The guitarist/lead singer Thom looked like he was pulling out some robotic moves.Courtesy of Josephine Hidajat

The Strokes were to come on very shortly, soon the pushing started to emerge within the crowd. It took a while for it to kick in but once The Strokes were on it did not stop at all. In fact there was more pushing trying to get into the front then moshing itself. They swung into gear and started off with Juicebox. The atmosphere was so pumped up. 12:51 and You Only Live Once sounded amazing live, I enjoyed clapping to the parts in 12:51, the new songs made me want to listen to them more. The song Ask Me Anything, finally stopped all the pushing, shoving and elbow grinding when the fans were in a standstill just to watch as it settled everyone down. It was quite funny when Vision Of Division came on, a lot of people were exaggerating the part when Julian when screaming out "How long must I wait!". Also couldn't understand a thing Julian was saying in between the songs, his mouth was all over the microphone. A person near me yelled out, "Talk in English"! I think Julian was saying "I love you, I love you, I love you" to the crowd, heard him say "You guys were awesome" (but I'd disagree with that, the crowd was quite horrendous).

Set list:
The End Has No End
Red Light
Ize Of The World
Heart In A Cage
Barely Legal
What Ever Happened?
Hard To Explain
Last Nite
Ask Me Anything
Vision Of Division
You Only Live Once
Evening Sun

New York City Cops
The Modern Age
Take It Or Leave It

In other news guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. is going to a release a solo record very soon titled "Yours To Keep", it features an all star cast including Sean Lennon, Fountains Of Wayne's Judy Porter, Ben Kweller, Mikki James, Sammy James Jr. and band manager Ryan Gentles. Produced by former Thin Lizard Dawn vocalist Greg Lattimer.

The track listing for 'Yours To Keep' is:

'Cartoon Music for Superheroes (Goodnight)'
'In Transit'
'Everyone Gets A Star'
'Call An Ambulance'
'Blue Skies'
'Back To The 101'
'Bright Young Thing'
'Hard to Live in the City'

'Yours To Keep' is out on October 9th.

Albert Hammond Jr. In Transit (Obsinate)
You can also stream three more songs on Albert's myspace.

Also speaking about Starky before, they're going to release a full LP which is self-titled in about a week's time on the 12th of August. They're going to be playing alot of shows coming up with Pony Up! Starky have formed alot of recognition within Australia over the past couple of months. I remember seeing them supporting The Cribs in February this year. Now Starky are headlining. Congratulations guys. You can catch some dates for Sydney over at Faster Louder.

By: Sandra


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