Saturday, August 05, 2006

A wall of crap from above?

Here's Minus Story, a band hailing from Lawrence, Kansas that isn't afraid to incorporate haunting vocals and seemingly incongruous effects into their music, producing what they call "a wall of crap" sound. Conjuring soundscapes that swing from being heartbreaking one moment to uplifting the next, Minus Story is definitely a band that deserves more attention. Here are two of my favourite songs by them, but do check out their official website for more downloadable mp3s. (Again, these are hosted on Sendspace, I hope no one minds.)

Minus Story Open Your Eyes
Minus Story You're My Air

Anyway, as you may know by now, Canadian noise/dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979 have officially broken up after a long hiatus. This greatly annoys me because I never got the chance to see them live, GRR! Oh well, here's one from You're A Woman, I'm a Machine that's guaranteed to make you get up and dance, so let them show you how they work, work, work.

Death From Above 1979 Sexy Results

By: Jacq


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