Monday, August 07, 2006

I Want You So Hard, I Want So Good

Why is it only now people are getting into Eagles Of Death Metal? A few of my friends have come up to me in the last week or so and have said to me "Have you ever heard of EODM? There new song is really cool." and I would have a go at them. A band like EODM should have been loved by everyone from their first release Peace Love Death Metal, not from their newest release. Although dont get me wrong, their new release is excellent. But it peeves me off that this band wasn't loved earlier.

Eagles Of Death Metal Miss Alissa

Miami Nights latest CD arrived in my mail about a week ago and well, its pretty damn good. At first listen it wasn't really doing anything for me, but being the great guy that I am, I gave it a few more listens and now i've decided I really like their EP A Seaside Tale. If you love your screamo and electronic beats put togther, I dont see why you wont give these guys a go.

Miami Nights The Break In

By: James

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