Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do Make Say Think Study Study Study

Sorry for the lack of updates! (ps James, hope you're feeling better!) I'm having preliminary exams at the moment which are in preparation for the actual exams in October/November, so until then my life basically consists of exams, studying, exams, studying and more exams. How exciting. Anyway, here's a sample mini-mix I made of instrumental stuff (vocals are too distracting, I end up singing along) that I listen to while studying to help me focus as well as prevent me from dozing off.

Four Tet My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
Do Make Say Think Horns of a Rabbit
Jaga Jazzist For All You Happy People
Explosions in the Sky Your Hand in Mine (with strings)
Boards of Canada Turquoise Hexagon Sun

By: Jacq


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