Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sarah Blasko Explains All!

If you are a regular visiter to Off The Record you may have caught on that I am a pretty massive Sarah Blasko fan, I can't get enough of her. Today I finally received the news I have wanted to hear in an extremely long long time. Her new album looks like it will be titiled What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Get and it also looks like she will start getting back into touring again. Personally I can't wait for this new album to come, her debut release The Overture And The Underscore was my #1 album of 2004 (and still is one of my favorites, just look in the sidebar, I haven't stopped listening to it since i first laid my hands on it) and from what I've heard so far, this new album looks like it could be #1 for 2006. Actually, nope I put my life savings on it that this new album will be my #1 at the end of the year, guarenteed. Sarah has posted what maybe could be her new single called "Explain" on her Myspace page. Go visit and have a listen!

Sarah Blasko Explain

By: James


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