Monday, May 08, 2006

Nedelle Interview

Heres an interview i did with the lovely Nedelle November of last year.

What three things would you say your music is a cross between?
Sadness, hope and indifference
Could you define your genre in five words or less?
Are there any bands or artists people could compare you to?
Briefly describe your best gig?
This past summer i played some shows in Sicily, and I played one in catania where my family is from. All my cousins and various relatives were at the show. I hadn't slept in 3 days so the experience was both wonderfully amazing and surreal.
Living or dead which three people would you like to record a song with?
Burt Bacharach, Bert Jansch, and Burt (of Sesame Street)
What do you think inspires your music?
Things that inspire any creative person- love, loneliness, conversation (I suppose all human relations/interactions,) other music and art forms (literature especially,) nature.
Whats the best thing about what you do?
I can avoid being a nine-to-fiver by touring and being content to live below the poverty line.
Which Australian band or artist would you most like to play with?
I am so incredibly sorry, but i'm not hip (obviously) and I don't know much about bands.
Who are the best up and comers you have seen recently?
Emma Zunz, Lizzy And The Redbirds..
Whats the funniest thing that has ever happened whilst playing a gig or doing a tour?
I fell off of my chair in LA, and the guitar made a huge sound because it was plugged in. I also knocked over my drink..everyone gasped and laughed and felt really sorry for me.
Do you attract any groupies?
at times, not as many as i'd like!!!!
If you were stuck in a tour van for six months and could only listen to three records what would they be?
A Coltrane CD, (maybe his recently discovered concert with monk because I haven't heard it much yet) some ravel/debussy/satie piano music, (might as well get a compilation that has all of them!) and the Deerhoof album "Milk Man" because it makes me so happy.
Why should people go to your next gig?
because songs make the world go round.

Nedelle Begin To Breathe
Nedelle The Natural Night

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