Thursday, February 02, 2006

Big Day Out 2006: Part Two

Ok ok The Magic Numbers were the third best band on the day. They had the crowd involved with almost every single one of their songs...they even managed to fit in a new song which was nice. I found myself every now and then singing along to the song or just tapping my foot along to the was really something else seeing this band live, they're very good at what they do.

Time for a bit of break, only to realise that the The Go! Team
were just about to go onstage. But it was too late the crowd had poured in and we were stuck at the we gave up and went for a walk.

We were way too late to go into the mosh pit for Kings Of Leon
, which i was extremely dissapointed with myself for, because watching from the outside just wasn't the same, so we ended up giving up on them as well and decided to have a sit on the grass and listen to the rest of End Of Fashion's set. They were'nt bad, from what i could see they had the crowd going, they all had the arms in the air and jumping up and down and singing along to every word. It sort of made me jealous that i wasn't in there as well.

Now it was onto the funniest man alive Henry Rollins
. This guy honestly was born to be a musician and a comedian, just the stuff he was saying and the reactions the crowd was giving him, it was quite unbelievable. Everytime he would bag he's own country everyone in the crowd would be cheering, it was really funny. He's set finished early so i had to make one of the biggest decisions of my life, go to see The Mars Volta or go see Iggy And The Stooges? After my brothers and my dad yelling at me going "your stupid if you don't see Iggy" i finally went with them.

We stood in line for about an hour to get in the mosh pit and honestly it was worth it. We made it into the mosh pit when Franz Ferdinand
had just started their set. I possibly had the best position in the mosh pit, right in front of stage, on the fence, in front of the biggest speakers you will ever see. After Franz had finished i was starting to regret were i was ears were gone before Iggy even came on stage, i could not hear one thing.

Then it happened, the best part of the day. Iggy And The Stooges
came onstage and straight away i had a massive smile on my face. The first thing Iggy did was get on top of the speakers, do a crazy dance, sit back down on the speakers, look into the crowd, and give everybody the was something special i can tell you that. The whole set involved Iggy jumping into the crowd, getting massive cuts on his chest, and dancing like a retard. Then the best thing happened, whilst singing "1979" he asked the crowd to come onstage and sing with him (now in case your wondering...thats pretty much suicide!!!!). I look at my dad and he said dont even think about it! But i didn't listen, i was over that fence so fast i almsot touched Iggy....but like every dream i have, it just got ruined right in front of me...damn security guard almost clotheslined me and threw me to the ground. I got up pretty quick and i thought i dont think i'll try that i went back behind the fence and watched everyone else dance on stage. Another highlight of the set was when some guy from the crowd tried to get onstage and a couple of security guards came over and grab him on the foot and dragged him down...but the guy wouldn't give up, he clinged onto a speaker and dragged it down with him, the guy ended up landing head first on the ground and the speaker followed and almost knocked him out!

Now it was onto the main act of the day The White Stripes
. Don't get me wrong these guys have a lot of talent and deserve to be where they are, but really i didn't get into it at all. It was actually a little bit boring, they didn't do my favorite song which really ticked me off.

Their set finished at about 10:00 o'clock at night so we decided to head home as soon as possible. Altogether it was a really good day and definately worth the 100 bucks!

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